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Thank you for your interest in The Wadsworth Group. Our practice profile objective is to assist families and businesses pursue and maintain financial independence. This lifetime process includes asset preservation, growth, income distribution and philanthropy. We begin with adults of any age and assist through their retirement. We manage the multi-generational distribution and estate preservation planning process. We are also exit planning specialists who can manage the "road map" for the sale or transfer of a business whether it be to family, key employees or an external buyer. Fees, the purchase of products and an ongoing relationship of mutual trust and respect compensate us for the design and implementation of these programs. We believe that "the workman is worthy of his hire," and ask you to respect that.

While able to provide many programs and products, our planning models will be influenced by our personal concern for family, debt and integrity, as well as respect for the legal and moral aspects of our society. Generally, the recommendations will be similar to what we have done for ourselves or would do in a similar circumstance. Our personal plans are available for inspection if requested.

Again, thank you for reviewing our services. Contact us for further information or to take the first steps toward your secure financial future.